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EGO Lawn Mower Review



Buying a new lawn mower is not an easy job at all, and you need to cross check various parameters and factors before having it. There are mainly two types of lawn mowers available, namely, gas-powered mower and electric lawn mower. Mowing with Gas-powered lawn mowers is an older method that was not very convenient for users. While electric lawn mowers are the latest one and we'll be looking at one of the top models of electric lawn mowers.

For all those interested buyers who are looking for a powerful, convenient, and versatile electric lawn mower for their place. Then, we are here with top quality and a best selling lawn mower that has got sturdy looks, powerful motor, and some unique features. This device is built with a powerful 56V battery, provides 21-inch cutting width to the table, and a low-level headlight. Moreover, it has a lightweight and durable design which makes it a top pick product. So stay tuned with us for the Ego Lawn Mower Review which will surely help you out.


This Ego 21-inch electric lawn mower has got a unique design which is top class. The design is sturdy, and this model is available in green, black, and grey colours which looks very pleasing to eyes. The colour combination is the plus for this device which gives a modern look to this device. It is a water-resistant device, and the components are of high-quality which is a good thing.

One thing which we like the most about this device is its fold-up feature which allows you to store this unit anywhere you want. So you'll not have any storage crises after buying this unit. At the front, there's a handle which is very easy to use when it folded mode. This will reduce the reach of the blades by 4 inches, and in turn, it would be hard to reach some places.

Apart from this, you can adjust the height of the handle to 3 levels while the middle spot is recommended by many. So if you have a shorter or longer height, you'll have no issue while working with this unit. Overall, the unit is ergonomically designed that is well-built and appears nice. So no complaints about the design of this model.


This is the most important segment of the article as you'll be knowing about the working and performance of this unit. This Ego 21 inches 56V performs very reliably. All thanks to its powerful motor and battery, which ensures top performance every time you use it. Honestly, this unit has enough power that gets the mowing task completed easily.

This machine uses a Lithium Ion battery that provides an hour of energy, and you'll not find any drop-off in the performance of the device. Drop-off here means slowed whining blades which faces difficulty during grass cutting. This kind of things are big flaws in an electric lawn mower and every buyer should avoid such. Moreover, the charging speed of the battery is also good as compared with other models. This feature is extremely helpful if you have an outlet to spare in your garage, as no one likes to plug-in their gadget into charging again and again.

Talking about mower blades, it performs well and does the cutting job effectively. No matter what's the size of grass, this mower is capable of doing it effortlessly. This model also includes a self-propelled feature which works well when compared with other similar models. This feature provides you with an extra jolt of power and speed, whenever you need it. But already being a lightweight mower, this kind of features might not be much use for the users.


1.) Size
This EGO 56V electric lawn mower weighs around 68 pounds and shares the dimensions of 37.5 inches (by length) x 22.5 inches (by width) x 16.6 inches (by height). No doubt, this device is easy to move and manoeuvre around the surface. Moreover, its self-propelled feature makes the movement more effective. The height of the front wheels is 7 inches, while that of the back wheel is 9 inches.

2.) Motor
As told, users will get a powerful motor with this EGO 56 Volt lawn mower. We would like to tell you that it is not a brushless motor that leaves room for improvement. This mower uses an inbuilt special kind of cutting technology which revs up for high and thick grasses, while revs down for thin and shorter grasses. This feature accesses the battery life and enhances the operation time of the unit.


  • A powerful mower build with durable materials.
  • Battery can be used for other EGO power tools as well.
  • Battery life as well as charging speed, both are good.
  • It has LED lights which allows you to use it even in the dark.


  • It does not have brush-less motor.
  • It doesn't mulch well without stalling.
Ego Lawn Mower

Final Verdict

This EGO 21 inch 56-volt electric lawn mower is simply one of the best lawn mower present in the market. This product delivers all the capabilities of a lawn mower with very few cons and weaknesses. So if you're looking to for an upgrade from gas/engine to an electric lawn mower, then this model is perfect, to begin with. This model is loaded with lots of plus and features, which includes headlights, good battery life, six different height adjustments, powerful motor, and many other. With all these features, this device allows you to use it anywhere comfortably.

Overall, this Ego 21 inch is an amazing lawn mower and is a must buy gadget for all those interested buyers. Before buying, make sure that you purchase a version that includes the battery and charger as a package deal, such that you don't need to bought then separately.

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