Best Lawn Mower 2019 Reviews – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Lawn Mower 2019 - Top Rated Products Buying Guide

There's nothing more fascinating than having a lawn at your place. Rather than fascinating, having a lawn is becoming a necessity for people. But the dark side of a lawn is its maintenance. After all, who likes untidy and unhygienic lawn that spoils the complete view of your main exterior decoration. Cleaning and maintaining a lawn is not an easy job at all. One needs a lot of hard work and time to get the cleaning done for their lawn. Different users would have different mowing experience, and this difference majorly occurs due to the type of mower used.

So before buying a lawn mower for your place, you must be aware of the various types of lawn mowers available in the market. You can choose the best lawn mower for yourself based on the convenience it offers, ease it offers, type of yard you have, and some other preferences as well. So what you need to know is complete details about different types of lawn mowers. And here in this article, we're beginning our discussion with this particular topic itself.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Manual Reel Lawn Mowers:-

Reel Lawn mowers are helpful for those buyers who have a well-kept yard. One of the most obvious reasons why people purchase this type of mower rather than other models is its low price. But this is not the only good thing about this model. Manual Reel Lawn Mowers are also known as first lawn mowers. Various new mowers have been manufactured since after 20th century, but still, Manual Reel mowers are available for sale. You need to be physically strong while working with this type of lawn mower as you've to push the mower and make the blades work. Moreover, the length of grass and the terrain flatness are also two factors which decide the amount of strength requiring.

Electric Lawn Mowers:-

These type of lawn mowers are a good eco-friendly option for the buyers and comparatively is considered better than gas-powered machines. So whenever you turn this device on, there will be no smell of any gas plus there will be no pollution. Moreover, you don't even have to spend money on gasoline, oil, and expensive maintenance. These electric lawn mowers can even deal with long and thick grasses without any issue. There are corded and cordless models available in the market. Corded models operate with the help of electric cables whereas, and cordless models work with the help of the power batteries that need to be recharged. Batteries make the blade to work, but still, there's need of workforce to push the lawn mower.

Walk Behind Lawn Mowers:-

This kind of lawn mower is recommended if you don't have a very large lawn/yard. Walk Behind lawn mowers uses gasoline, electricity, or no power source to operate. When gasoline or electricity is used, the engine moves the blades while you've to push the mower. When no power is used, then you've to use your manpower to operate this device, and such a model are called reel mowers. This type of lawn mower uses a rotary cutting system to cut the grass. Also, lawn mowers that use gasoline as fuel are considered to be more powerful than the electric ones, and also deals better with sloppy terrains. With gas and electric models, you also get an option of mulching and bagging.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mower:-

Whenever someone faces an issue while giving a push to their mowers, the next answer for this problem is Self-Propelled lawn mowers. Here, the engine is responsible for the movement of blades as well as of the wheels. All you've to do is to provide direction to the mower with the help of handle. While, the engine can be operated using gasoline, electricity, batteries, or solar power. This kind of lawn mowers can have the one-speed level or many. Based on this, Self-Propelled lawn mowers are further divided into front-(FWD), rear-(RWD) and all-(AWD) wheel drive mowers. FWD machines are easy to manoeuvre and are highly recommend for flat terrains. RWD machines enable you to mow with better traction, and it is safer to be used at sloppy terrains. Whereas, AWD machines gives you better controls on rough mowing terrains.

Ride-On Lawn Mowers:-

Ride-On lawn mowers do the mowing job more effectively, fastly, and efficiently. It is that type of lawn mower where you can sit over the unit itself to do the job. These are divided into lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. For lawn tractors, the cutting deck is placed underneath while the engine is on the front. For zero-turn mowers, the cutting deck is located on the front. It has four-wheel steering, and for to this, it can take sharp turns and manoeuvre easily. A ride-on lawn mower at the same time is quite dangerous to be used, so you've to be extra careful while working with this type of lawn mower.

10 Best Lawn Mowers of 2019

honda self propelled lawn mowers hrx217k5vka

Honda is a top leading manufacturing brand, and its lawn mower is known to be build of stronger engines. Similarly, this lawn mower doesn't face any issue regarding the engine. All thanks to its large-capacity discharge bag and intuitive self-propulsion, that makes this gadget one of the best lawn mower available in the market.

Typically, it is a walk-behind lawn mower and is recommended for small and medium gardens. This model uses the MicroCut Blade system along with four cutting surfaces that cut grasses into smaller pieces. This technology helps in producing less amount of waste and stores more grass in the discharge bag. This discharge bag's size is 2.5 bushels which is about 0.5 times more than standard bags.

Honestly, it comes with a really good capacity. This Honda HRX217K5VKA comes with seven different cutting levels that allow you to mow at various cutting heights. For this, you've to manually adjust the wheel height for each level as there is four-lever wheel adjustment. Looking into specs, this unit weighs 108 pounds and measures to be of 58.9 x 23.6 x 39 inches. Overall, this is a good choice for buyers.


  • It has a powerful engine that runs smoothly.
  • This model does feature self-propelled function.
  • Great features offered at a great price.


  • Users have to manually adjust the wheels.
  • You need to spend some time for getting used to its customizing options.
EGO Self Propelled Lawn Mower

EGO 21 inch 56 volt is a battery-powered cordless self-propelled lawn mower which is one of the best model available that shows great results at almost every type of garden. As told, it is a cordless lawn mower which is equipped with a 56-volt Lithium-Ion battery that takes 1 hour to get recharged and in turn, provides a complete hour of mowing experience. So this model is majorly recommended for small yards. Since this model doesn't require any gas or fuel, so it is an eco-friendly option for the buyers. Moreover, there's no evolution of harmful fumes that lead to pollution problems, so it is a safer option.

It has an extra large cutting deck which allows you to mow at a faster rate. Even its discharge bag has a wide opening due to which it becomes extremely easy to empty the stuff. This EGO 56-volt lawn mower is very simple to use and handle that starts by the press of one single button. Looking at specs, this model weighs 67.7 pounds and shares dimensions of 37.5 x 22.5 x 16.6 inches. Overall, it is another great choice for buyers.


  • A powerful mower build with durable materials.
  • Battery can be used for other EGO power tools as well.
  • It is lightweight and hence, easy to manoeuvre over the surface.


  • It does not have brush-less motor.
  • It doesn't mulch well without stalling.
  • It has limited mowing area per charge, 0.25 to 0.35 acre.
Snapper Front-Wheel Drive Self Propelled Gas Mower

Snapper New is a 21-inch Self-Propelled gas-powered lawn mower which can be used for hours of mowing even at large lawns. Even though being a powerful mower, this model is lightweight and is convenient to use and handle. The overall performance of the gadget is impressive, especially the low noise level which allows you to use it even at night. This lawn mower has six different cutting levels which means you can adjust the position of the blade to the mowing area. This model shows some cons as there are some certain jolting movements of the mower when you start the gadget.

Moreover, sometimes the motor of this mower leads to distracting and hence, its controlling becomes a little difficult. But after using it for time, you'll get used to it. However, this does not affect the mowing quality at all, so don't just worry. The handle is also covered with a foam such that users don't feel any vibrations during its operation. This model has one lever wheel-adjustment feature which is convenient and time-saving. Looking into specs, this model weighs 90 pounds and measures 38.00 x 24.00 x 17.75 inches. Overall, this is another good option for buyers.


  • It comes with a just single lever that adjusts all the four wheels.
  • It has a bigger, larger, and a powerful engine.
  • Comes with 3-years manufacturer warranty.


  • It does not include any electric start button.
  •  At certain situations, it do shows erratic movements.
Kobalt 13-Amp 21-in Corded Electric Push Lawn Mower

This Kobalt KM2040X-06 is a 21 inches corded electric push lawn mower that is a perfect choice for flat areas sized up to ¾ of an acre. Even though it is a powerful lawn mower, still it doesn't require any special efforts to get controlled and handled. This Kobalt lawn mower is a good Eco-friendly option for all those interested buyers who want Good care of their garden and lawn. This lawn mower is equipped with two batteries that can be worked separately as well as together. One of the battery is rated 2-amp while the other one is rated as 4-amp, that gives 30-min and 50-min of work time respectively. However, the 2-amp battery takes 1 hour, and the 4-amp battery takes 2 hours to get completely charged.

It also features an automatic switch-over option that switches in between both the batteries automatically, without pausing the engine. Apart from this, the mower automatically recognizes when to enhance the power for cutting thick grasses and when to lower the power for cutting thin grasses. Looking at specifications, this unit weighs 44 pounds and shares dimensions of 34 x 28 x 18 inches. Overall, this is another great option for all the buyers.


  • It comes with two batteries that can be worked together or separately.
  • It is lightweight and an Eco-friendly lawn mower.
  • It comes with a long five years of warranty.


  • The 2 amp battery gets discharged faster.
Craftsman 140cc Lawn Mower

Craftsman 37430 is a 21-inch push lawn mower which has a superior design and shows some top features that will help you in mowing your lawn effortlessly. This lawn mower is Self-Propelled and gas-powered that adjust speed and direction of the mower easily. One of the drawbacks of this lawn mower is the absence of an electric start button which is much needed for some of the users. This lawn mower has a blade size of 21 inches, while it has six cutting levels that allow you to mow grasses of different height levels that range from 1.25 to 3.75 inches.

One thing which we like the most about this gadget is its ease of control. There is no effect on the quality of mowing when you change speed or turn the unit. Thanks to its front-wheel drive, which provides outstanding maneuverability to the unit. This lawn mower has 85 dB of noise level which is very quiet as compared with other similar models. Also, it doesn't face excess vibrations when you're handling it. Looking at specs, this model weighs 65 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 37 x 24 x 18 inches. Overall, it is a great option.


  • It comes with a unique wash-out port.
  • It comes with an electric start button, has six cutting levels, and many other useful features.


  • The size of the grass bag is quite small as compared with others.
  • Handle does not include any rubber or cushion.
Honda HRR216K9VKA Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

Honda HRR216K9VKA is another Honda product in our top 10 list. This model is a strong choice for all those interested buyers who want complete care of their gardens and lawns. As told, Honda gadgets are known for their uninterrupted power and powerful engines, while the same concept is applied to this model too. One of the top features of this model is its bigger sized bag which has a capacity of 2.4 bushels (quite more than other similar models in this range). While one segment where we can spot improvement is the noise level, i.e. 98.5 dB, this stat is capable of disturbing people around you.

Apart from this, it does not include any quick-wash tool, so users have to be very careful while cleaning this unit. This mower do feature wheel adjustment option, but it is done through 4-lever setup, so users have to adjust each wheel separately. Even though this model has some flaws, but still it is one of the top-selling lawn mowers in the marketplace. Looking over specifications, this model weighs 84 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 62 x 38.2 x 23 inches. Overall, another good option for buyers.


  • The handling of this unit is quite easy and comfortable.
  • A lightweight lawn mower which is compactly designed.
  • Comes with bigger bag capacity as compared with other models.


  • The noise level of the lawn mower is quite high.
  • It does not include any quick-wash port.
  • It features only 4-lever adjustment.
Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt is a very popular brand in the marketplace, and there's no doubt why it is. Whether you talk about design, build quality, building materials, or performance, it is best at every aspect. Talking about this Troy-Bilt TB330, it is equipped with a 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine that delivers amazing power to reach three mph on its self-propelled rear wheel drive function. However, users can control the speed for faster cutting of grass.

The lawn mower is built with a 21-inch wide steel cutting deck that allows you to mow larger area at every pass. It is a Self-Propelled model, which means this would have easier maneuverability that would help you in clearing obstruction like trees. Due to this, users will have an amazing mowing experience every time they use this. 

The Troy-Bilt TB330 comes with a 1.9 bushels bag which is supposed to collect the grass clippings inside it. Unfortunately, the size of the bag is comparatively smaller than other similar models. Just over the handle, you'll find a lever which is used to conveniently adjust the cutting height from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. Looking at specs, this model weighs 80 pounds and measures 38 x 24 x 17.5 inches.


  • It comes with a 21-inch steel deck, rear bag and mulch kit.
  • It can cut grass in different heights and different varieties.
  • The handle is foldable due to which it becomes easy to store.


  • The levers are made up of plastic material which is not very durable.
Remington self propelled lawn mower

Remington RM 410 Pioneer is a well-made, sturdy looking gas-powered lawn mower that provides even and precise grass cutting every time you use it. This device is built with a 21-inch cutting deck which cuts the sizeable amount of grass with just a few passes. As the name describes, this model is a 3-in-1 working unit which can be used for bagging, mulching, or side discharge. Talking about specifications, this lawn mower weighs 87 pounds and come with the dimensions of 40 x 24.2 x 18.1 inches. This model is equipped with a powerful 159cc engine that runs smoothly without any major issues. 

Moreover, it is very easy to use and assemble. All you've to do is place the handle, add oil to the crankcase, add some oil to it, and you're ready to go. Users can adjust the height of the mower just by adjusting one wheel, instead of all the four. One of the most like features of this model is all-wheel drive control, which gives an option to operate with the front or rear tires independently. Although, it comes with 2-year limited warranty and is a good option for the buyers.


  • It is easy to assemble and generally gets starts on first pull.
  • It has side discharge which evenly distributes the grass.
  • It has a powerful engine and overall is a durable mower.


  • It requires pull cord to get started.
  • Sometimes, front and rear-drive options may lack power.
GreenWorks 25302 G-MAX 40V Lawn Mower

For all those interested buyers who have been looking for a powerful lawn mower that brings you outstanding performance, then this GreenWorks 25302 G-Max is a perfect choice for you. The main feature of this device is its dual motor which works together just to provide you with excellent performance. Both the batteries are rated at 40V Lithium-ion batteries that provide longer running time to the users. Having two motors has various advantages, plus both the motors feature 10-inch of steel (so 20 inches of total steel). Having dual motor means you'll be mowing continuously without any interruption.

This lawn mower comes with two single blades, that has many advantages. Use of single and small blade means that it will hold more of its container bags. This device is very easy to operate, so if you're a beginner or a pro, you'll have no issue while working with this unit. Looking into specifications, this model weighs 42.5 pounds and shares dimensions of 29.2 x 20.7 x 19.5 inches. This lawn mower also has a power saving feature which will save energy and money for you. 


  • It comes with 21-inch steel deck and 40-volt 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • It provides a total work time of 70 minutes.
  • Dual battery storage is very useful.


  • The batteries are hard to remove.
  • Performance issue has been noticed in tall grasses.
Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch 160cc Push Lawn Mower

This Husqvarna 7021P is a solid walk-behind push lawn mower which is gas-powered that comes with lots of awesome features. It has got a compact design, powerful engine, easy maneuverability, efficient performance and many other features. This lawn mower is equipped with a reliable 160cc engine which is a Honda GCV engine. The benefit of these engines is that they are quieter than other similarly sized engines of this range. Moreover, these engines are also lightweight that makes the overall lawn mower lightweight.

Being a gas-powered engine, it provides more power than an electric, battery-powered engine. This Husqvarna 7021P uses a 21-inch cutting deck which is made of stamped steel that will cut tough grass repeatedly without getting sharpened often. This device comes with three grass clippings management options that include mulching, bagging, and side discharge. It is not a self-propelled mower which means you've to push it manually over the lawn. This device also allows you to adjust the height that ranges from 1.25 to 3.5 inches. Looking at specs, this model weighs 66 pounds and shares compact dimensions of 38 x 23 x 68 inches


  • It has sturdy wheels that provide great performance on all sorts of terrains.
  • It is foldable hence, is easier to store.
  • It also features convenient height adjustment option.


  • The stability of wheels can be an issue.
  • Performance issue with tall grasses.

Things To Consider While Buying Lawn Mower

So if you've decided to purchase a lawn mower for your place, then firstly you should know all the important parameters related to a lawn mower. Not all the yards are identical to each other, this yard peculiarities and some other things would differ the choice of choosing a lawn mower. Here are the few things you should keep in mind while buying a lawn mower.

  • Yard Size
  • Yard Terrain
  • Your Physical Features

No particular lawn mower has been manufactured which works perfectly over yards of all sizes. So it is the size of your yard which will let you know that which lawn mower is better for you. Let us begin with small yards, suppose you've got a yard that measures less than an acre, if yes then reel lawn mower is a choice for you. This kind of lawn mowers works with getting blades and doesn't use any oil or gasoline. However, this lawn mowers requires some workforce to be operated. So it is better suggested to go with the models having nearly 18-19-inch cutting width. Apart from this, you'll also like gas-powered or electric push lawn mower where fuel will operate the blades while you've to push the mower.

If you've got a lawn that size ¾ of an acre, then walk-behind lawn mower is a choice for you. It is recommended to look for a mower that has approximately 20-inch cutting width. Apart from this, corded lawn mowers can also be considered for this yard size where you'll be not requiring any gasoline or oil. But this kind of mowers does not perform well when there's a lot of obstacle around the yard, and as a result, the user faces difficult while maneuvering.

If you've got a lawn greater than a ¾ acre, then rear-engine riding mower is a perfect choice for you. This type of lawn mower has good visibility and maneuverability around trees and bushes. For such, it is better recommended to look for lawn mowers having 12-20 hp engines.

Final Verdict

Mowing your lawn and garden is one of the best task/activity one would love to do. And having a lawn mower is the best way to do this job efficiently. In this review, we've tried to include each and everything related to best Lawn Mowers and hopefully have helped you at any instance. We've mentioned all the various types of lawn mowers that include Manual Reel lawn mower, Electric lawn mower, Walk-behind lawn mower, Self-Propelled lawn mower and Ride-On lawn mower. Finally, we've assembled and picked out ten best and top-selling lawn mowers which will surely enhance your mowing experience. The complete details of all the products are mentioned along with their pros and cons. There are many lawn mowers models available in the market while choosing one out of them is a real challenge. That's why we've assembled the top and best product out of the crowd such that buyers can choose one that meets their needs and wants. Hope we helped you find the best lawn mower for you. If we did, please help us grow by sharing the post with your friends.